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Since our foundation we have specialized exclusively in caring for the masculine image, applying the maxim “do what you want to in life, but do it well!” We may not always achieve it, but it is not through the want of trying.

  We pride ourselves on applying the most appropriate and precise techniques for each client based on their personal needs, studying their specific case and always thinking of the final result. 


    And what is that result, according to MUNTADA?

   Well, for us it is clear. It is about the client feeling as good as possible about himself. Everything else is the means, tools and techniques to achieve this end.


   It is not always easy; a typical phrase of a new client could well be: I have come for advice, with good references about you, and here I am. On these occasions we should be cautious since the client may think that we will recommend a modern, fashionable cut and he will leave quite happy. This may be so, but we like to do things as they should be done, so before picking up the scissors and cutting the first strands of hair we talk to him. Advising a client on his image requires more information, sometimes even personal details such as his type of work, political ideology, and his social status and family environment. We must bear in mind that in today’s aesthetic society we spend the day constantly judging each other. This conditions us all, whether we like it or not. Here is the great importance of caring for our image, and society usually treats us according to the image we present.


  The head is the most important part of every human being. The face is the canvas that singles out every individual and the "hair" is the frame that should enhance this image, which will give confidence and security to the client when facing the challenges of everyday life. 



   A few years ago, in a conversation with a prestigious dermatologist specializing in hair micrografts, the following question came up: Josep, how come you send me your clients to find solutions for possible hair loss problems when you have a lot less hair than most of them and you never mention it? The answer was simple; although I may have less hair than most of my patients, as a professional stylist I know that the one who is balder is not the one who has less hair but the one who feels balder.


   In short, a well-blended image which suits the individual does not in itself achieve a greater sense of wellbeing, but it does help to complement one's self-esteem, which is vital for us all. 


Josep Muntada

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